One Last Time

As the final week of this semester begins in just a few short hours, I want to take a moment to reflect on what I have learned the most by taking J360 at IUPUI. This course has challenged me to use different social media outlets and to use them on a more regular basis. Although my use may not have been where it should have been, I would like to think that I learned a lot; I learned both personal and professional lessons. With the help of taking this class, I have found Twitter and blogging to be somewhat fun (more fun than I expected in total honesty). With blogging, I really like the idea of having a professional or even personal place to put my thoughts and ideas out there. With Twitter, I have come better understand the use of hashtags and have discovered that they can be extremely helpful and fun. They offer you a new way to connect with others besides just posting a tweet or picture. 

Prior to this class I was an passive Facebook user. I was the type of person to “creep” , if you will, on other peoples’ posts and pictures but not post much of either myself. Now, I find that I like to post more of my thoughts and things I want to share with others. One downfall of this has been that I have seen the bitter and dangerous side of posting your ideas and thoughts…Sometimes, certain people just don’t want to hear what you have to say and that can create conflict. But maybe that was my own doing or a long time coming: I can decide which yet. Either way, I have learned to get more out of Facebook and Twitter and the other social media outlets besides scrolling through the pages. 

My overall opinion about social media has not really changed much. I still see it as a way to connect with people and an outlet for which people can express themselves, for better or for worse (as my web video will demonstrate). I think this course was great for me and I was challenged more than I expected to be, because like I said, I probably fell short in the posting category of this class. But nevertheless, I did post more than I normally would have over the last three or four months. I plan to keep working and getting better with posting and with the content that I post and I plan to keep my blog going (because it’s FUN)! I truly do believe that social media is here to stay and the sooner we all embrace it, the sooner we can all start to best utilize it’s features!




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