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A Dangerous Game

A story that broke earlier this week could be what it takes to convince the NFL that concussions need to be taken more seriously.  In statements made to numerous news organizations across the country, Brett Farve admitted to having memory loss following his exit from the game that had been his career for 20 years. In 2010, Farve finished his career with 525 sacks and according to him, there is no way of telling how many concussions he had. 

This past week, Farve told a radio station in Washington that he couldn’t remember his daughter playing in a youth soccer league for an entire summer. He added that he remembers her playing basketball and volleyball, but not soccer. The former quarterback goes on to mention that missing part of his memory has him concerned…as it should.

This past August, the NFL settled a lawsuit that had been brought against the league by 4,500 former athletes, all of which were suffering from some form of brain damage, and agreed to pay $765 million to 18,000 of the leagues retired players. The NFL agreed top pay for medical expenses and further research related to the dangers of concussions. Unfortunately, since the NFL decided to settle, any previously obtained knowledge and research by the NFL may not have to be released. However, the fact that a well-known and respected quarterback such as Farve has now experienced the dangers of the injury sheds possible new light on the issue. 

Regardless of the money involved, the NFL should be taking every precaution possible to ensure that concussions are recognized and recognized early. If not, then more players will continue to play with the dangerous brain injury and not even know it. Isn’t that what they pay the sideline medics and doctors for?  At the end of the day, wouldn’t the NFL want to do everything possible to protect the leagues largest asset, or are these players seen as so replaceable that if one guy won’t play, the NFL will find someone who will? That to me is sad and reckless. Regardless of who is willing to play the game, there needs to be more done to ensure that players who receive concussions during a game are treated properly, or we will start to see more and more high profile players like Brett Farve with significant memory loss or worse.