Monthly Archives: August 2013


As August has come and gone, many are back in classes; seniors are enjoying possibly some of the easiest semesters of their college careers; juniors are anticipating their senior year; sophomores are like the middle child, stuck between the newbies and the upperclassmen; freshman have signed up for 16 credit hours and are trying to juggle school and social freedom. But they all have one thing in common:

a need to matter

Regardless of your class standing and how many credit hours you are taking, we all want to matter in some way. Now, this goal looks different to everyone, but still the underlying theme exists: purpose.  In one way or another, everyone wants to matter, whether it be to their significant other, their friends, their professors, whatever it may be. We all have ideas of how to make the world a better place, or hopes of just making someone’s day by the simplicity of a smile.

But how many of us actually act on these ideas or impulses. What’s holding us back? What is that we actually have to lose if we matter to that one person that doesn’t matter to anyone else?  It’s easy to matter to those that love us simply because they the LOVE us. It hardly ever occurs to us that we could matter to a stranger. Thank you to those that have gone before us and mattered to a stranger. Thank you for paving a the straight and narrow for those of us that stand at the line, but are afraid to cross. We need not be afraid, for only good can come for making a positive difference.

Let’s all be challenged to matter to a stranger.


“Failure is the…

“Failure is the difference between not trying and not succeeding”